Hlynur Adolfsson Posted on 5:17 am

Butterfly Earrings: CAD Software Used By Jeweler

Jewellers use drawing pens and gouache and therefore use software for 2D drawings and sketches to gain access to the digital world.

Butterfly Earrings: 2D design software for creative & artistic purposes

Some of these products are intended for artistic and graphic design, such as Photoshop or Gimp. The latter software product is mainly used for photo retouching, artistic drafts, sketches, etc. Even if you’re mainly working in 3D, you can use 2D tools for creating backgrounds, textures, and sketches. One possible use case would be changing and editing your renderings for Butterfly Earrings marketing.

Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Earrings: 3D CAD software for endless possibilities

If you want to enter the world of 3D CAD, you must be aware that your perspective as you create elements will and must change. Even if the software is comparable to your physical workshop, it opens up many new possibilities that can only be implemented with digital tools.

Let’s say you need to resize the ring you are about to design. Imagine how long it would take to shape a new block of wax to prepare the model for production. With 3D, this task can be done in minutes, depending on the technology selected. You can adjust all elements, for example, the number of gemstones, prongs, etc., in relation to the new ring size. Then send the design to your 3D printer meant for prototyping. And the highlight is that you can send a list of somewhat different rings to your printer in one go. So your customer has several options when trying on the rings.

Butterfly Earrings: Use 3D software without expert knowledge

If you’re not a professional jeweler, you can use jewelry design apps like Jweel or WizeGem. These products do not require the specialist knowledge of a jeweler and are accessible to everyone.

Other versatile tools, for example, TinkerCad, Sketchup, Blender, offer useful functions.

Butterfly Earrings: 3D CAD software for professional jewelers

For today’s professional jewelry design there are 4 software products to consider. They are Matrix, RhinoGold, JewelCad and favorite 3Design.

Supplementary solutions exist for:

Organic modelling: you can use Zbrush, Clayoo, Tsplines or 3Shaper,

High-quality renderings: DeepImage, Keyshot, VRay or Brazil.

The popularity of the individual software products and the number of users vary from country to country and depending on the price, market share and the functions of the respective solution.