Arienne Bouchard Posted on 4:40 am

The Correlation between Hardware and Software

You have probably heard of software and hardware several times. Particularly when browsing and seeing a certain game with minimum and recommended requirements to play it. Normally, it is the system requirements that you’d see from the amount of RAM your computer should have, the CPU it uses, operating system installed and so forth.

For none tech-savvy person, hardware and software can cause confusion. So let us put that thing to an end and explain the importance of hardware and software in layman’s terms.


Simply speaking, hardware is the tangible component of your system. This can be anything from:

  • Keyboard and mouse and other input devices
  • Monitor and printer and other output devices
  • CD, DVD, hard disk and your secondary storage devices and;
  • Internal parts such as motherboard, RAM, CPU and the likes

The Connection of Your Hardware and Software

Your system’s software and hardware depend on each other to function. Both of it need to work together in order to deliver useful output.

For instance, hardware is without a set of instructions or programs in order for it to operate. Software on the other hand can’t be used without hardware to execute the instructions.


Unlike with hardware, software is oftentimes more expensive and is a constant expense from any user. There are numerous software applications that could be loaded on the hardware for it to run multiple jobs. So for example, the game you are playing currently from only needs 4GBs of RAM and 30GB of disk space, perhaps after few years, the software will ask you to have double the initial system requirements.

What’s Software?

Software is responsible for the interface between the hardware and user. If hardware is deemed to be the core of every computer system, then software can be considered as its soul. Once again, both complement each other.

Actually, there are two kinds of software and these are application software and system software. With system software, it is basically the collection of programs that are designed to control, extend and operate the processing capabilities of the system itself. System software however is prepared by computer manufacturers or the ones that come preloaded with it.