Hlynur Adolfsson Posted on 12:00 pm

What Is Software And How Can You Secure It?

Software is the amount of programs or data together with accompanying documents that are necessary or helpful for their application.

Please note the point together with accompanying documents. Anyone who has ever written a program that should also be used by others knows how to appreciate this point very much. They don’t have to be paper documents. Online help or hypertext manuals are more modern, easier to use and are used much more intensively than manuals.

Well, a software product is a software bundled as a product, i.e. something that can be sold as a package in the store. The term expresses the user’s view of software, while the term software system describes the developer’s view from the ‘inside’.

Webint: Software is an intangible product that has far-reaching consequences

  • Software quality is difficult to define and measure
  • The software does not wear out, but ages relative to the environment
  • Software is relatively easy to change, but there are no spare parts


Webint: What is software technology?

Software technology is the computer science discipline that provides principles, concepts, notations, methods and tools for systematic application in the development of software. At the same time, it is understood to mean the application of these tools to the creation of software products such as those found in webint.

Tools and also more abstract concepts etc. are often combined to form CASE tools.

The aids provided are used in software development to turn a planned product into a finished product. The overall step is divided into phases and the development is organized and controlled by the software management.


Quality of software technology

The aim of software technology is then to produce many high-quality software products in a short time and with low development costs. Quality has so far been the worst to measure, but key terms for software quality can be defined that can be checked by the user if necessary with different multipliers.


For the user, the most important things to begin with are:


The product should offer the required performance in full


The product should implement the user’s intentions without wasting time and losing motivation.

Fault tolerance

In the event of an incorrect operation, the product should change to a consistent, rectifiable error state.


The product should show reactions after a reasonable response time.

Software should therefore be secured even if it is difficult to define and measure.