Ágúst Mathiesen Posted on 9:36 am

Natural Ways to Keep Bats Away

Bats do not harm humans or attempt to attack them. You’re just looking for a bit of a place to sleep temporarily. Usually, when it is colder, they accidentally enter houses through open doors and windows, which are attracted to the heat. However, bats create a mess wherever they live. You can contact bat removal the woodlands to provide solution.


Bats’ dropping can cause a lot of chaos anywhere. The drop of urine can also be the cause of soil deterioration. Their droppings and urine can make the hardwood floor brittle, and they are also carriers of disease. They are the uninvited guests of the house. They also make an annoying and tracking noise when they fly. These noises are easy to hear and irritate residents.


Here are some home remedies to keep bats away: 



The worker applies silicone sealant to seal the joint between the bathtub and the wall. Look for the bat’s habitat and observe its entry and exit times. You should vacate the area immediately once you know that the bat has left the site looking for food or wandering around.



They are among the best solutions to get rid of bats. Not only will you drive the bats out of your homes, but you will also ensure that they never invade your home again. These mothballs are readily available at pest control stores. 


Hang Aluminum Foil

The advantage of hanging aluminum foil over other methods is that it is the cheapest of all. It automatically reflects light and irritates and annoys bats. If you put some foil balls closer together, they will collide and make strange noises. The disadvantage is it can also bother you if it is placed near your room.



This is another peaceful method that does not physically harm the bat but lets it escape easily. It is a combination of mirror and light. This method is expensive because it requires a high financial outlay to provide steady light for reflection. You need to light the room during the day when the bats are sleeping. This can effectively repel the bats that live in your place. After this method, there will be no more bats on your way.


Water Spray 

If you are looking for a peaceful way to scare away the bat, this is it. People often opt for methods that can physically harm or even kill bats. All you have to do is spray water on the bats’ nests when they sleep. If you do this regularly, they will never come back.


Wall Repair  

The most common and most used entry points for bats are doors and walls. The walls of the houses have small holes that make it easier for bats to enter your home. The wall with a one or two-inch hole is enough for bats to invade your home and create a mess. If you find something in your house, it’s time to repair your walls and seal the place right away.


Aerosol spray on a white background. You can quickly get spray repellants at pest control stores near your home. Buy a repellent and spray it where the bats live. They will soon find a quiet place to live. It does not physically harm bats. If you see bats roaming around, avoid spraying.