Hlynur Adolfsson Posted on 2:28 am

Most Relevant Music Software For Creating Your First Music | ClipConverter

Original music on YouTube is trending. Clipconverter, an app that allows you to convert YouTube to MP4, recorded a rising number of people who download and convert original music. This proves to say that people are now embracing original music more than ever regardless of the artists or the writer. What really matters is how the music appeals to its audience.

Creating music is easier and cheaper than ever. Let’s take a look at the first steps to take to make recording your song possible. Let’s also look at music software available for you to use.

Make Your Music, Where To Begin | YouTube Video

The first steps could be overwhelming but don’t let this discourage you. Nobody becomes a music producer, sound engineer, or musician overnight. You can’t do everything perfectly on your first song. The only important thing is that you start creating the song in the first place.

That’s why it’s best to start at the very beginning. Watch the video below on how to get started making music.

Which program to create music?

If you want to create music on your computer, you first need a suitable program, a processor that supports it, and enough free space on the hard drive. Nowadays, the control center for creating music is the music program, also called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Each music software has its own advantages and disadvantages or is particularly suitable for one or the other genre of music.

The most relevant programs for creating music

  • Reaper Full program. Well suited for all genres in which instruments and vocals are recorded (rock, pop, etc.). Very cheap with a starting price of 50 euros. Plugins have to be purchased for production.
  • FL Studio. A well-equipped production environment that is laughed at by many. In the field of EDM and hip hop, it offers a very easy introduction and a friendly community that is happy to help.
  • PreSonus Studio. One This DAW comes with a tailwind and gets more sophisticated from version to version. This is an all-rounder, which is characterized by a very nice surface and excellent operation. The price is also below that of the long-established ones.
  • Logic Pro. If you only work with a Mac, you can use Logic Pro from Apple. This is a real all-rounder that can handle everything from rock to EDM and is very well equipped by default. Biggest drawback: No Windows version.
  • Ableton Live. This music program takes a different approach than the others – loop-oriented. It is particularly suitable for electronic music genres to create a whole song out of a loop. For pop, rock, and more hand-made music, we would rather go for something else. Shortcoming: Very expensive.
  • Cubase. A program to create music for the first few hours, albeit complex. The Pro version is relatively expensive but is well equipped to cover all genres. A good all-rounder for Mac & PC
  • Pro Tools. This DAW is the former standard in recording studios but is increasingly losing on land. It works well for handmade music like rock, pop, etc. – but is also very expensive to buy and maintain.

Which music software is the right one?

Which DAW software you choose should depend on your personal preferences and the music style you are aiming for. Another option would be to orient yourself to your friends. If you have any questions, they can then help you.

Support for the respective programs is also important – Reaper and FL Studio have a very helpful community, while the manufacturer of Cubase can take several weeks to respond to a support request.

If you have no previous experience in the field of music editing programs, I recommend that you look at the respective advantages and disadvantages and first try out 2-3 slimmed-down versions.

If you’ve got a Mac, GarageBand is preinstalled. Getting started is very, very easy and you have recorded your first track in no time at all. If you like the way you work, you can switch to its big brother Logic Pro.