Hlynur Adolfsson Posted on 9:26 am

From Beginner to Professional: Music Software

Starting to make music from scratch, you may either use programs when creating your tunes or combine them with your musical instruments. recording sound and composing beats from samples to professional mixing and mastering.

Steinberg Cubase

The studio has all the advanced tools for editing sound at different stages: in the recording process, during mixing, and mastering. Cubase supports modern audio formats, including 5.1 and 7.1 sound – allows you to achieve an exceptional volume of stereo effects.

The studio works with VST and VSTi-plugins. It has handy project templates, a multitrack editor, sheet music tools, filter kits, effects, and a built-in mixer. In the environment, you can compose beats, loops, edit and synthesize new sounds.

Adobe Audition

Like Photoshop, only for sound manipulation. Adobe Audition is a functional audio editor that allows you to create masterpieces and edit compositions of any complexity. A very serious set of tools is available here, but in order to fully master them at a professional level, you will have to spend many hours.

However, even a beginner can easily figure out basic sound processing – the interface is intuitive and flexible.


A full-fledged virtual studio created by the developers. Reaper works successfully on relatively weak computers. It allows you to comfortably record, mix, perform mastering, and the output is high-quality sound. It is very convenient here to edit files from many tracks, create mixes and arrangements, and achieve a unique sound of compositions.

A virtual studio that has been on the list for over 20 years. The Best Music Editors & Audio Editing Software 2020the best in their field. Suitable for studio recording and sound processing, professional mixing and mastering, loop checking and sample editing, it includes a wide palette of built-in instruments and plug-ins.

Ableton Live

This program is used by many DJs. Ableton Live makes it easy to create, edit and play music in real time, write grooves right at the party . A user-friendly interface, a versatile set of instruments, sounds, samples and loops – everything you need for a comfortable creative process.


The main advantage of this virtual studio is the high quality of the built-in effects. Here you will find a variety of virtual instruments, samples and filters that will allow you to work with sound at a professional level, make effective remixes and arrangements. A handy step sequencer will help you perfect your songs.

FL Studio (FruityLoops)

A powerful virtual studio in which it is especially convenient to work with dubstep and other similar directions. A rich library of loops and samples will help you assemble a cool track in just a few minutes. In FL Studio, you can make interesting arrangements and achieve a unique sound of popular tracks.