Hlynur Adolfsson Posted on 4:43 am

Design Current Trends Of Software Presentations

The design of presentations is constantly evolving.google slides New techniques are added, other elements become out of date. Every year, there are new changes that are reflected in the look and structure of presentations.

Do you have to follow every trend? No of course not. So why should you care about current trends in presentation design for software? The answer is simple. If you want to create a really professional presentation, then professionalism must also be as modern as possible.

Software presentation slide with a 3d effect

Presentations are developing more towards 3D. Isometric representations and perspectives are back in vogue. 3D objects on the google slidesare important stylistic devices, flat design is becoming less important. There are various areas of application and techniques that can be used in presentations.

The bullet point-free display of software slide content

Large text deserts have been a no-go for presentations for quite a while. It has long been clear that running texts in presentations are absolute attention killers. Most speakers have therefore summarized the central statements of their texts for the presentation in bullet points. These are now being replaced by alternatives that are more modern and easier to grasp for the public.

Software slide content: Tables instead of bullet points

If you want to summarize several pieces of information on one slide, simple tables are better than bullet points. If you want to show numbers and dates in relation to each other, tables can be useful for better information processing. You should avoid complex diagrams and temperature curves whenever possible.

Software slide content: Graphics instead of bullet points

A picture is worth a thousand words. There is a lot of truth in this winged sentence. On a good graphic, you can see all of the content at a glance. You can summarize situations, processes and relationships in one picture. This makes messages quickly understandable. The simplified representation of the information through an explanatory graphic helps your viewers to process information faster and in a way that is more brain-friendly.

Software slide content: Numbers instead of bullet points

Long columns of numbers are difficult for most people to grasp. But sometimes a single number can convey a powerful software message. If this number is also linked to a picture, the effect is even greater.